Tell Us What You Think about YOUR City!

28 01 2015

We’d love to know what you think about how your city is doing on its pathway to building an emerald city. Please post your answers in the Comments section.
1) Where do you think your community has made the greatest accomplishments in building an emerald city, and why?
2) Where do you feel frustrated that more change has not occurred, and what do you think is stopping it?

Sign the Manifesto to Build an Emerald City!!

1 11 2014

I share a vision with the US Green Building Council, which is to create emerald buildings and communities that will generate and sustain the health and vitality of all life within a generation.

To this end, I encourage you to commit to the following manifesto for change. If you decide to sign on,  add a comment with your name and email address.  Please encourage others to sign up!

  • I WILL CREATE A SENSE OF URGENCY…revolutions only occur if people think something is important.
  • I WILL WALK THE TALK…good behavior is contagious. I will lead by example or get out of the way. Sometimes actions remove obstacles when reason cannot.
  • I WILL CHARM A SKEPTIC…they may be your next ally, and you might even learn something.
  • I WILL STOP BUILDING CRAP…Most buildings are the worst allowed by code.  (with a nod to Allan Chochinov’s 1000 word Manifesto for Sustainability in Design that includes the statement Stop Making Crap)
  • I WILL FEARLESSLY QUESTION CONVENTIONS AND RULES…or, as the adage goes, I will learn them well so I will know how to break them properly. Remember: there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. I will cultivate a fascination with the unknown.
  • I WILL CHAMPION BOLD, QUIRKY IDEAS…sometimes they are what we need to inspire change and show that reinvention is possible.
  • I WILL TAKE ACTION IN THE FACE OF UNCERTAINTY…sometimes we just know what to do and we don’t have to prove it. Some analysis is a good thing so we’re not flying blind. However, do we really need another study to prove that our climate is becoming disrupted? I will be empowered to act when balancing science with common sense.
  • I WILL MAKE FRIENDS WITH CHAOS…it’s the most fertile ground for change. Venturing from familiar territory can help find new answers to old problems.
  • I WILL DANCE AT THE REVOLUTION… adds humanity to the technical solutions, and balances all the hard work with fun. (With thanks to Emma Goldman, who said “If there’s not dancing at the revolution, I’m not coming.” )

Building an Emerald City to debut at Greenbuild in Phoenix!

25 10 2014

Buy a book in the bookstore and then have it signed at a Book Signing Event 10 am Thursday, Nov. 12th.           Location: Phoenix Convention Center, Level 3 of North Building, in the Membership Networking Garden near the Bookstore.

Hear Lucia present with Eric Corey Freed on Wed Nov 11th, at 8:30 AM. (Session ID BR03)  Thinking Big: Building An Emerald City.


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